How to Perform at the Highest Level Consistently
Written by Seiko Matsumura on January 24th, 2020
Have you ever thought to yourself, “How can I play better golf”? How about “How can I play better all the time?” Are you the type of person that comes to class, gives 100% effort but has a hard time to practice outside of class because of your busy schedule? You have a lot of homework, your parents are busy, you play other sports and you want great grades as well?
Well if you have, dont worry... I have been there too

Back in college I played for the #1 women's golf program and at a top 25 academic school in the nation, so playing well and getting good grades was expected. But every time I played well, it seemed like my grades went downhill and when grades went well, I played poorly.

Have you felt that way too?

My Story

So lets rewind to 2019…
I was driving home one day last March and I told myself I need to make some changes in my life. I didnt know what changes exactly needed to be made, but things needed change. I even had everything I ever wanted but I knew I needed something different. So I went to a Tony Robbin's seminar in March of last year, hired a life coach, and I read an outstanding book called 5 Second Rule (and no, not its not
about how long you can keep food on the ground for).
It was on taking action within 5 sec. of when a person decided what they want/need to do. It was a life changer!
So it took me about 36 years of my life to realize what I actually wanted, how to achieve what I wanted and the system I created to achieve it all.

So the difference between when I first started golfing and now is that I now is that I have a more purposeful life. A life just focusing on what I want then all the clutter. 

That means that when I was growing up “everything just worked out”. I practiced and planned what I had to work on in my game but...
I really wasnt a great planner, I procrastinated, I didn’t get 8 hours of sleep a night...etc.

The good news was I always got things done. 

But the bad news is because I didnt have a purposeful system, I didnt play to the level I actually could have played at. 

Which means I could have probably played even better!

Right now, I am playing my best golf, bettering my career as a golf coach, creating the best version of myself as a mother, wife, friend and family member. 

I am here to share with you that you can play your best golf now with your current abilities, right now even with a very busy schedule. You CAN shoot 36 or better from your current tees. And you can shoot that consistently if you want to!

Let me give you an example of one of my current students.
This girl is a high school stand out. She is currently a junior and in 5 AP classes. So not only is she doing homework, but she is doing extra work on top of that and learning extra challenging things. Her last golf season was in the fall. She averaged in the low - mid 40’s-her best scoring season yet. 
She was only able to play in 2 of our recent matches but shot 37 twice from 150-yrds. 

- So she's in 5 crazy hard classes
- Had to leave classes early to get to matches-which means she had to miss school and be caught up with everything in all her classes. 
- Came home late from matches AND got school work done
- Studied for tests
- Made it all her practices
- Shot her best scores
- Got a 4.83 GPA, guys!! What the...didnt even know that was even possible?!
And even now, shes still playing her best even without practicing with her team and gets out to practice on her own 3-4 times a week 1-2 hours. 

Now I know what you are thinking:
-Shes smart
-Shes talented
-She only plays one sport
-Shes was probably encouraged and trained to get good grades at a young age

But the point is, it can be done. 

Remember, that some people who arent as lucky as you (like might have very old clubs, might not be able to the same golf program as you, that may have to watch their siblings, maybe have to work part time), but are playing better than you. 


Because they are creating the possible in IMPOSSIBLE. 

Old Myths:
- I used to think I could only be good one thing at a time
- I used to think I had to sacrifice time with hobbies, friends and family
- I thought to be the best at something you only should put time, focus and energy into that ONE thing. 
- I thought my life had to be golf
- And that 'To-do lists' was the way to achieve goals

I did all those things and yes I did achieve but not to my fullest extent possible.

Last year I had made the most growth in my entire life and finally created the system that is going to help you perform at your highest level right now. Right now you can perform your best golf AND enjoy doing other things too, all at the same time.

Before I go into the system I have created, I want to share a concept that one of the top performance coaches, Brendon Burchard mentioned in an interview that I heard a few weeks ago and loved it. 

I am actually obsessed about it and obsessed about this entire topic.

Passionate vs Obsessed

Passionate people simply like what they do, they enjoy what they are working on. Others are excited for them about it

Obsessed people are constantly working on what they need work on. 
Others think they are crazy and ask them thinks like "Are you sure you need to work on that all the time"

There aren't many people who are "Obsessed" because of Fear:
-Fear of what others think of them
-Fear of the Unknown-their thought of "There's no guarantee that I can reach my goal"
-"People are going to think I am _______ because I worked so hard and never got there" 

6-Steps to Play at Your Best All the Time

1.YOU have to want to see changes in your golf game

No one can force you to make a changes in your life. To play at your highest level, YOU need to step up and say "I am ready and put in the work to do so". Its up to YOU and only YOU to hold yourself accountable. 

You can't blame others (ex:Coaches, Parents, Friends, etc)
You can't complain, but you can vent :)
And there's NO excuses, NONE. 
If you want something done, its up to you. 

ANYONE can create the way to their goals.

Look at ALL the successful people who are currently achieving their highest level of ability!
Your parents, professional athletes, olympians, and billionaires

The most commonality they had was they just didn't wake up and become a billionaire, they put in the time, effort and hard work. Most importantly they created a system that helped them through each obstacle. 

 It should take blood, sweat and tears. Times that you dont want to work on it but you force yourself to. 
You have to force yourself to do things. Its the small things. 

You must create the energy to get up and get moving towards your goal. Period. 

2. Know what you need to work on

Whether that is to work on a particular swing change, mindset, or habit. For our students, you know what you need to work on...we share it with you during our training sessions. And WHY? Put a reason behind it.

So you can shoot 36! Duh.

For me in order to achieve anything in my life, I need to create the habits of:
1: Planning: Because if I don’t have things written down and planned at a certain time, it will most likely not get done
2: Get things done on time: If I dont do it at the time its scheduled, I will procrastinate and stress out
3: Be on time to places: I have to be on time or everything else gets pushed back!!

Without this I cant move on to working on my next goal!

Because if I don't work on those small things, the my reality I want to live will not come. 

3. You have to work on your goals daily

You can create 5 min of working on your grip, or on your clubface so it becomes a habit. 

I have to implement the 3 things above daily to achieve my goals. These need to be in my lifestyle so it becomes a habit.

4. To ensure you can work on it daily, create the time and schedule for you to do so

Plan it, think about your "why" and go do it. 
Your "why" is the reason you will create the energy at that time and DO it. 

5. Put your goals/plan all over your house and everywhere you will see it.

The more you will be reminded of what you are shooting for, the way to get there, and the reason why its important to you, it will become part of your daily routine and the faster you will achieve the scores you want all the time.

6. Write out your distractions 

Write all the things that get you off your A-game of not taking action. 
For example, for me I tend to procrastinate and look up stuff on social media. 

How is that going to help me become a better_________...anything!?

Fact: 30 min on social media per day=22 full 8hr workdays/year
You are losing an entire month!

Another thing I had to write down was "Focus on your why" and do NOT let other people (even family members) knock you off your game. 
I have family members think I am crazy for working on my goals obsessively last year and they probably still think I am!

It's none of their business and don't let that get to you. 
Its not easy and theres ALWAYS going to distractions/struggles. Take a second to find a solution and go!
The most common mistakes:
-Do go over the steps as much as you need to and make changes in the places that are needed  
-Do start applying this system today

-If you forget to plan your schedule, dont give up. You can always plan for it at the time you remember or take action right away. 

-It can get hard at times and if you cant get it after a while, just keep working on it and keep talking to your coach about it. 
We can find a way. 
-Don't just waste one hour of your life reading this and not do anything about it. 
-Don't let other people control your capabilities. If they bring you down, show them you can do it. 
It doesn't matter what they think, it only matters what you think. Its your goal, your life. 

What to do Next???

Before you you leave this page, spend the next 5 minutes:
    Take out your golf club and work on what's needed to be focused on or write out things in your journal that you need to start creating or changing to create the habits needed to achieve your goal. Habits are created with practice, theres no other way to achieve. 
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