Create an Extraordinary 2020!
Written by Aki Matsumura on Dec. 29th 2019
How can you end 2019 strong to boost you into 2020? The New Year is just a few days away, and most of us are already focused on 2020 and can't wait to start the new decade. But the real question is... how can we take what we did in 2019 and leverage that into the new year and create the most extraordinary decade to come.

Let's start today and remind our future selves that 12/29/19 was the day we made the shift to the best decade of our lives. Most of you would be finishing high school, attending the college of your dreams, or entering the professional part of your lives. When we think of what happens in the next 10 years, it's incredible to see all the possibilities of what can be accomplished in your lives. 

How can you all GUARANTEE that 2020 will be the most significant year of our lives? You will read this and be shocked that it's so simple and such common sense. The difference in knowing it and creating it, is answered by the questions, How often am I doing what I know and how much of what I am doing is on purpose? Many of you are already extremely high performers in your day to day lives, but the way we take it to the next level and create a breakthrough that you never thought could ever be broken is by design and is done on purpose. Now think back at all of your success and ask, was that by accident, or was it specifically designed?

Follow these 3 simple steps and never again leave it to chance to control our level of success. 

1.  Do More of What We are Already Doing Great!

and STOP doing what doesn't work...

Yes, such simple advice that most of the time we disregard and say...yes, yes, yes, I know that already! 

We will share with you how to take that advice and make you bulletproof!

Take out your journal (or sheet of paper), and let's create your 1-Page Cheat Sheet for Success. Draw a vertical line down the middle to create a left and right side of the page. On the left side, list all the successes and breakthroughs you achieved in 2019. On the right side, list all the struggles of 2019. Now you have a snapshot of all the critical moments of 2019 right in front of you! 

Let's look at the list on the left and start to think of what things were necessary for achieving everything on that list. Was it your planning and scheduling that allowed you to keep going no matter what? Was it the love and support from your family to pick you up and keep you moving? Was it the additional education and learning that got you more skills and capabilities? Or was it your belief that you kept telling yourself? That "you'll find a way" and finally found the way? 

Whatever they are, you now have the strategies that create success in your lives. 

Now, let's look at the other side: struggles. This is the side we all want to forget. It happened because of the emotional state we get into when thinking about it. You've all heard that you have to fail in order to succeed continuously. We are here to tell you that it is WRONG...It's when you learn from your failures and struggles and change the approach, that you can then overcome that obstacle and achieve success. Review the entire list and circle the items that will create the most fulfillment in your lives. Identify what got you this result and create a new approach using the strategy from the left side of the sheet.

You have just created your 1-Page Cheat Sheet for creating success for 2020. You have discovered your secret superpowers that you can continue to do on purpose to achieve anything. You also have all the things that you can now say NO to so you can focus all of your energy and time towards what you want to achieve, plus you have all the strategies that don't get you your results, so you don't continue to use them. 

As easy as this sounds..."Amplify everything that is already working and stop doing the things that aren't". Most of us aren't clear on what works and what doesn't, so we don't put any time and energy into this. Now that you have a roadmap for what creates your personal success, you can now start to turn the turbo boosters on and fast-track your way to the best year (2020) ever!

2.  Think Who, Not How.

We all get excited and pumped up like we can accomplish anything that's put in front of us. All of a sudden, our momentum dies down. We get overwhelmed with the unimaginable possibilities of how to do things and don't even take the first step. How many of you can recall situations like this? I know we can, and I have done so numerous times in my life. It's human nature to want to be independent and do things ourselves, but it's also our nature to not like to struggle, so when he hit a point where we don't see growth, we change direction to give ourselves a sense of immediate fulfillment. 

This creates a dabbling mentality that never gives ourselves a chance to fully succeed. 

We hear stories about how juniors should play multiple sports or participate in numerous activities to create well-roundedness. We need to ask the question, is this on purpose and your intentional design, or is it by accidental design, and we are jumping from one thing to another? When it's intentional, then we can discover "Who" will get you to your goals faster. It is from the "Who" where you will find the most effective "How." 

We could all do trial and error to figure how to achieve our goals, but if you have ever tried this on your own, you know it takes forever, and there are many ups and downs. Many times we don't even know if it's getting us any closer to our goals. Time is the most valuable thing, and if we can shorten the time it takes to hit our goals, then we can achieve more in a shorter time. Have you ever wanted to learn how to fix your slice in golf or that topped shot, then went on Google to search for "how to fix a slice" and "top shot fixes" and found hundreds of results? You have found the "How," but now it's about trial and error to figure out the best "how" for you. Would it be easier to find the "who" or the person (coach/mentor/instructor) to ask, "how do I fix my slice or topped shot"? And this is what I am doing, here is what it looks like, this is how often I can practice, etc. 
Now that person (coach/mentor/instructor) will say, do these one or two things. 

You just fast-tracked your way to get to your goal!

The "who" will always get you there faster. Who can you start practicing and playing with to keep yourself accountable and control the amount of your practice? Who can you ask to get the correct advice for playing golf tournaments? Who can you ask to get the best strategy to lower my scores? Who can you teach to gain a deeper understanding of what was just learned?  

As you can see, it's all about the WHO...Get super clear on what you want to achieve for 2020 and then find the WHO. 

3.  Start Now and Get in the Game!!!

We can all agree that we've all been this place before and said, "I'm going to wait until the new year to start it's only next week and a few days away" or "I've got such big plan\ for the new year that I'll need this time to prepare so I have my game plan ready for January 1". What is the reality?

 We either never start or it's so hard to start. We never gain the momentum to start, then one year goes by, and it's the same story on repeat.

Let's all decide today that we are going to start the game! We are all super high achievers and that our need to want to perfect everything. The truth is, for something to be perfected, it first needs to be released and freed, so version 2 can be done, released again so version 3 can be done, etc. Is perfection is really ever achieved? It's the consistent pursuit for perfection that makes us all great and outstanding. Once we understand that concept, we can now get into the game. 

Our version 1 is never perfect but is extremely necessary for what is to come. We all know the iPhone. How many of you would love the iPhone 1 today? But when it first came out, it was the most significant innovation ever. 

Now we are on Version 11, and it's amazing...until version 12 comes out!

What can you do today to gain tremendous and unstoppable momentum to break through into 2020? Get in the game now! 

What to do Next???

Before you you leave this page, spend the next 10 minutes:
  • Creating your 1-Page Cheat Sheet for Success
  • Find out all the "WHOs" to accelerate your speed and go around the common pitfalls
  • What is my bare minimum to create Version 1 so you can win today!
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